T-minus 168 hours till Nuke School termination…

  • Next Tuesday, at exactly this time, I will be done with the five hour final comprehensive exam that is the bastard child of Nuke School. Until then, FML.
  • When I was sitting in my car one day in rush hour traffic, waiting to get off base, I figured out from my schedule the number of lecture and exam hours per week inherent to Nuke School. The results? 24.3 for the former and 2.3 for the latter. And to think, I used to hate dealing with 20 credit semesters at the Academy.
  • I’ll make a lot of posts once I’m done with this Nuke School jazz. There have been plenty of things to write about, but since my weeks have been busy and my weekends were what let me have a semblance of a social life, I haven’t had time to write.

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