Where to begin…

  • First things first, apologies for the long hiatus; I had the time to update, I’m just a bit of a procrastinator and intrinsically scatterbrained as is.
  • Spent the majority of the 4th of July sleeping as I was on a shift that went through the wee hours of the morning (7pm to 7am) studying classified material in a building with no windows (maybe it’s supposed to prep us for being on a sub?). Needless to say, due to my predicament, I had this stuck in my head at work vice something more, say, uplifting and celebratory, like this.
  • Speaking of sub stuff, I put in preferences for my initial duty station a few weeks ago, with the gold, silver, and bronze going to San Diego, Hawaii, and Norfolk, VA (respectively). After that, a handful of different options in GA and WA, followed by Groton, CT and Guam (double cringe to both of those). I would obviously enjoy living in the “Whale’s Vagina” if I could (here if you have no idea what I’m talking about) but they say you usually get one of your top three so who knows. They also say that you have to rank EVERY possible place you could go to so you can’t say you didn’t have it on your list (one of those “fine print” military stipulations).
  • Speaking of more sub stuff, I spent the first couple months of the year up in CT for training. As such, it was freezing cold with snow and ice on the ground everywhere (and there weren’t any good sled/trash can lid riding hills on site). Spending a majority of the time on a Navy base made it seem more like Soviet Russia in the winter instead of a wintry wonderland. With that said, the schooling wasn’t that bad, I managed to make it to Boston for St. Patty’s (and New York the weekend before that), and worked out enough to return to SC at 185 lbs with my mom asking if I was on steroids. Apparently, mother doesn’t always know best (and neither do BMI calculators saying you’re overweight).
  • So yeah, now I’m back in Charleston, living with the folks (a fiscally-sensible-and-financially-wise vice living-in-the-rents’-basement-with-nothing better-to-do decision, plus I get to play with Ninja Turtles when my 5 and 7 year old cousins come over) and grinding through 12 hours on, 12 hours off shifts until I’m sent off to [INSERT RANDOM DUTY STATION HERE]. Oh well, I have a bunch of beer left over from a pre-shift party I had a couple weeks ago, so things could be worse.

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