Be Yourself

I wasn’t into Audioslave when they were active, nor have I ever been a fan of RATM (which is where the instrumentalists of Audioslave came from), but, for whatever reason, I love this song.

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A labor free Labor Day

  • All in all, it was a good weekend. In a nutshell, I watched a football game live, watched a football game on TV, went to dinner with a roommate, went to dinner with a girl, and partook in the given drinking that goes along with those.
  • A group of my friends tried to get me out to the beach during the daytime, non-vampire hours of the weekend, but when I can hibernate like a bear, I do. And the fact that they were apparently icing each other left and right makes me somewhat relieved I didn’t go.
  • I have a handful of stories to upload on here, but since it’s 3ish in the morning and the rejuvenation I received from my earlier beer nap is waning, I’m fixing to hop in the sleep jeep and hit snooze control.
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  • Bloggy by Jake had a strong opening week with roughly a hundred views (triple digits, next a grand!). And no, it doesn’t count my views.
  • With that said, there were only a couple comments, both of which were from my folks who have to say nice things in accordance with the Parent Law.
  • With that in mind (I really need to stop using transition statements), feel free to leave comments. Be funny. Be punny. Or, be neither but be anonymous so I can’t make fun of you.
  • On a serious note, thanks for being interested in what I have to write.
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It’s pronounced “new-clear,” not “new-cue-ler”

  • is what I get to deal with Monday through Friday, and over the weekends when I’m not procrastinating. Yes, the suck factor for it is higher than an earthquake on the Richter scale. But I’ve managed to keep my head above water (maybe more like head and shoulders).
  • But there’s a silver lining in everything, and I’ve certainly found one in Nuke School. I haven’t tried to be the class clown, but I feel I’ve sort of fallen into that role with the surprising abundance of “that’s what she said” moments and other ridiculousness. People laugh, so I don’t care. On a more serious note, I’ve been able to help people understand stuff since I’ve seen the material before. Kind of makes me want to be a teacher.
  • Another positive thing I’ve realized in addition to helping those around me is, in a sense, the way Nuke School is setting me up for success. I may not want to work in a nuclear power plant like Homer Simpson or get a Master’s in something as narrow as Nuclear Engineering (I’m leaning toward something more general and applicable like an MBA), but the option will be open with the former and a lot of credit from Nuke School can go toward the latter. Then again, maybe I can do the James Bond, Secret Agent thing with the Top Secret clearance I have now. Or maybe I’ll go live with the kangaroos if I get stationed in Hawaii or San Diego when my boat pulls into Australia. Who knows.
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Guitar Hero

  • I have an abstract “Life List” of stuff I want to accomplish in… well, my life. Yeah, that’s like calling a dog a canine since it’s the same as a bucket list, but that has a macabre connotation so I don’t use it. Anyways, one of the things on it is to learn a musical instrument. Another is to go to the Moon, but I have a feeling that won’t happen.
  • So I went out this summer and bought a guitar. Why guitar, you ask? While some people have told me my singing voice is “stratospheric” and others “like a girl,” I figure it’s one of the best instruments to complement singing. Then again, I could also do the whole “Piano Man” thing like Billy Joel or Elton John, but then I’d be a pianist.
  • I’m still trying to get the hang of it, having to remember to curl my fingers around the neck like I’m “holding an orange and not squishing the bunnies” (advice from a friend). I’m no Jimi Hendrix, nor will I ever be, but it’s not a bad way to spend my free time at home (any pointers are appreciated).
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Friends, Florida, Family

  • Between Nuke School, kickball, drunken stumblings downtown, and my effervescence, I’ve made a lot of friends in Charleston. I can’t say I enjoyed saying bye to the ones I had at the Academy, but that’s the Navy for you; I figure if I’m supposed to see people from my past again, then life will just work out that way.
  • Despite being a rolling stone growing up as a Navy brat, “Florida” is the most appropriate answer I can give in regards to where I’m from, having lived there for 8th through 12th grade and a year of college. I was able to make it down there a couple times this past summer to meet up with old high school friends, some of which I hadn’t seen in 7 years.
  • I never feel old until I see my old friends with wives or husbands (but not both and no more then one; after all, I’m talking about Florida here, not Utah) and/or kids. Then I remember that my ten year high school reunion is in a year and a half and I feel really old… whoops, my train of thought for this post ran off the tracks.
  • My folks ended up retiring in the Charleston area five years ago, just a crow’s flight away from where I’m at, so I’ve been able to see them on a regular basis (plus the family dog, which keeps me from getting a pup of my own before I have enough free time to properly raise it). Not to mention my folks have given me their blessing to throw parties at their house when I’m house/dog sitting, so I’ve taken them up on their offer a couple of times (for my friends from high school, I’ve gotten a BIT more responsible since the Bowman parties of yore).
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A Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem

  • I joined a kickball team with a bunch of people from my class that plays in a league in Downtown Charleston. It’s been a great opportunity for meeting people outside the Navy Circle of Trust, and places just as much emphasis on drinking as kicking.
  • Sure, we have a 0-6 record with one game left, but who cares. Our team name is “The Masters of Karate and Friendship” (of “Always Sunny in Philly” fame).  I suggested we rename ourselves “The Masters of Boozing and Losing” for the fall season, which was met with surprising laughter and approval from my team.
  • When I told my mom that I was named MVP by my team for one of our games, she told me it was because of her good kickball genes. And I’m sure my dad’s football and track genes helped a little, too.
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